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3/13/2007 -

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9/2/1985 - 3/23/1999

This is Ben, our Chow dog. He was the very first canine pet whom we adopted over 14 years ago. Ben was not always the friendliest of dogs. He had bitten over 15 people through the years, including a park ranger. He loved to go camping with us, and could climb rocks like a mountain goat.

Ben lived to the age of 14 and a half years old before he passed away on March 23rd. 1999. We will love Ben forever, and we will NEVER forget him!

~ My Dedication to Ben ~



3/18/1998 - 2/14/2007

Taylor is the latest addition to our family. He is a Golden Retriever who is the uttermost friendliest and playful dog you could imagine. He is a very smart guy too. Taylor has never bitten anybody, and probably never will, but he has licked over 40 people in just his first year!

Latest Pictures of Taylor



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This is Spidee, the Mexican Redleg Tarantula. She was a beautiful creature and a wonderful pet before she became deceased 6 years ago. She had a leg span of over 5 inches, and fangs 1/2 an inch long. Below is a picture of Justin bonding with the lovely Spidee. By the way, Spidee never bit anybody in the whole 15 years we had her!

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